Global Protection Solutions recognizes that our employees are the backbone of our success in the company. This is why every individual has a significant role in the operation and growth of the company. Our growth depends upon the training andexperience of our selected team. Great emphasis is placed in our recruitment and selection process. It is our key belief that early investing in our employees through proper training will bring maximum value to our customers. We understand in order to produce an effective and highly trained security officer, training is essential. Our training program is offered in a classroom structure and via online. All our officers are required to take a minimal of 16 hours of annual training to promote continued learning. All our training exceeds or meets state-mandated training requirements. We strive daily to develop and provide specialized security services that will produce maximum results to our customers. You can rest with confidence in knowing that you have selected a professional trained security officer that is trained to handle situations and incidents that occurs within your organization or agency.

Application Review
In-Person Interview
State Registration and
Criminal Background Check
Employment Check
Motor Vehicle Report
Service Aptitude Test (CSAP)
Criteria Basic Skills Test (CBST)
Education Verification
Verify References
Verify Legal Status


We believe that success comes from the careful and diligent process of officer selection.This selection process encompasses a variety of investigative methods to insure that the right individual has been selected to join our organization.Our employee selection process is created to recruit, screen, and investigate to provide the right employee with the skills, knowledge and ability to adapt to our client's organization.We understand that selecting the right personnel for your facility is essential in providing you with exceptional security services. It is critical to the overall success that personnel assigned to your facility are qualified to meet your security requirements. Global Protection Solutions supports a drug-free environment, and we will not tolerate the use and abuse of alcohol or illegal narcotics. All our employees must be drug tested and routine drug screening selection is given out annually. Our Drug-Free policy is clearly stated and rigorously enforced. Any employee refuses to submit to a drug test will be immediately remove from the work-site in accordance to our policy.


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